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Hurricane Season 2021

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Thank you for your interest in our facility for hurricane storage. Hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th. During the season all boat owners and crew need to be ready with a well thought out plan and supplies on hand to quickly prepare their boat for a storm. The time available to prepare for the arrival of a hurricane may vary depending on the storm's size, location and rate of advance which can vary dramatically. Hurricanes usually approach at 8-10 miles per hour; however, they have been known to attain forward speeds of 50 miles per hour. Hurricane strength winds can extend more than 100 miles from the eye or as little as 12.5 miles.

A HURRICANE WATCH is typically posted by the National Hurricane Center in Miami when the storm is approximately 36 hours from making landfall.

A HURRICANE WARNING is issued when the storm is approximately 24 hours out. In cases where a storm is moving very rapidly or its course alters dramatically, the Hurricane Center may go directly to a HURRICANE WARNING

Hurricane Storage - Roscioli Yachting Center

Hurricane Storage - Roscioli Yachting Center