Full Service Shipyard and Yacht Repair Facility

Haul and Launch

Roscioli Yachting Center, Inc. has complete haul and launch facilities, featuring a 100 ton elevator perfect for wooden hull vessels and a 360 Ton travel hoist for any of your haul out needs. Your hull can be fully maintained and refinished here with our paint department and bottom crew. Prior to bottom painting the hull bottom is pressure washed using two 10,000 PSI, 17 G.M.P pressure washers. At the same time, Roscioli's mechanics will perform any necessary repairs to the shafts, propellers, and replace the sacrificial zinc anodes, if necessary. Your boat will perform like new!

Elevator Lift - Roscioli Yachting Center

Full Service Propeller Shop

Roscioli's propulsion technicians are specialists in engine alignment, repairing and replacing shafts and propellers so you can experience the ultimate in performance and economy from your yacht.

Propeller Service - Roscioli Yachting Center

Haul and Launch - Roscioli Yachting Center

360 Ton Lift - Roscioli Yachting Center

Repair Parts - Roscioli Yachting Center